About Me

Who I am, and what I do

Hi, I'm Brian. Nice to meet you!

I grew up in New York City and graduated from Stuyvesant High School in 2013.

I then studied Computer Science at Washington University in St. Louis, and graduated early in 2016. Hey, college is expensive.

I currently work at Google, on the User Data Infrastructure team. Formerly, I worked at Microsoft as a Software Engineer on the Microsoft Excel team.

I'm a Software Engineer.

I'm a persistent worker because I love the work I do.

Currently, I work full-time at Google, but I'm constantly side-learning and working on projects for fun.

I create.

I love working with other people to bring a project to life and create something beautiful. There's always something to learn and a great idea waiting to be built.

Ultimately, I want to make a positive impact.

I believe in devoting myself to work that will improve the world, even if it's in a minuscule way. If my work doesn't make the world a better place, it isn't worth doing.